Caucus Experience

We've lived in Iowa for a few months more than thirteen years and tonight we caucused for the first time. My wife and I caucused for Hillary and she was chosen to be a delegate for Hillary at the Polk County convention. She will officially cast her ballot for Hillary Clinton.

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    1. deaconjim

      Take one campaign at a time. Clinton will probably lose New Hampshire, but there are many more to come. Super Tuesday will say a lot.

      February 02, 2016
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  2. fuall

    Hillary may be in trouble. Despite her win she may have a tougher battle when it comes to primaries instead of a caucus. She only won here by a fraction of a percent, and she was considered to have an advantage in the turnout since her supporters are more often older and experienced in the process. Bernie’s supporters, by contrast, were expected to have less enthusiasm for the caucus process. What this means is that Bernie almost got enough young people involved to turn the tide. How many more young and first time voters will turn out when it’s a relatively easy primary, and not a complete pain in the ass? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see, but I think this “win” may be the ‘canary in the coal mine’ for Hillary.

    February 02, 2016
  3. deaconjim

    Most of the Sanders supporters at my precinct were much younger. Their spokesperson was 18 and a high school senior. He was very articulate, but he didn’t say anything Bernie didn’t say in his ads. Two people moved from Sanders to Clinton because one of the Sanders supporters had a t-shirt with the word “fuck” on it. It had a picture of Sanders and said. “We don’t need no water. Let the motherfucker Bern.” They thought it was offensive and inappropriate for that setting. I have to agree. I had to wonder if it was an official Sanders shirt or if the guy wearing it made it himself. It looked like an iron-on transfer, which could be made easily on a home computer.

    February 02, 2016
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  5. deaconjim

    Yes. What happened to his 27 point lead in the polls? That’s why the polls don’t mean jack. Yes, they give us a general sense of how people may vote, but when the votes are counted, it often turns the other way. I believe Hillary will lose NH and that’s what the polls indicate. In Sanders’ part of the country, that’s to be expected. In SC and Nevada, however, the polls may not reflect the actual vote when the time comes.

    February 02, 2016