Government Spying

I think monitoring private communications is wrong. Phone calls, texts, emails are all private and Americans are guaranteed privacy in the Constitution. If the government wants access to those types of communication, they should get a warrant, but only after proving a legitimate need for it. However, when one posts anything on social media, there should be no expectation of privacy. You know the old saying, once it's on the internet, it's there forever. On FB, if a photo is posted, anybody that sees it can download it to theit own computer, likewise, any statements posted. I've seen arguments against using social media comments to identify potential terrorists or people who might commit violent acts. Really? You put it on FB and it's no longer yours. It's public domain. I do believe, however, if authorities see something posted and want address, phone number, etc., they need to get a warrant, if what was posted merits investigation.

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