Mike Huckabee: Whackadoodle Of The Day

Mike Huckabee says legalizing same-sex marriage will criminalize Christianity. Say what? No ruling by any court will force churches of any faith, including Christianity, to perform same-sex marriages. The president of the Southern Baptist Convention wasted time and energy when he proclaimed that Southern Baptist churches will disobey the Supreme Court if it legalizes same-sex marriage. News flash, mr. President of the Southern Baptist Convention: The SCOTUS cannot tell your churches who they must perform religious services for. It's called separation of church and state. You (and Mike Huckabee) want to impose your beliefs on government, but you don't want government sticking its nose in your business. I suggest you get your nose out of government business.

Huckabee also said the SCOTUS is creating law if it legalizes same-sex marriage. If the court declares that it is unconstitutional for states to ban same-sex marriage, it is not creating law. The court is making it clear that laws cannot be made to ban same-sex marriage. Common sense states that if something cannot be made illegal, it must, therefore, be legal. No law has to be passed to make it legal.

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Comments (2)

  1. gingernice

    The state tells me that if I am open to the public with a bakery I have to sell a wedding cake to same-sex couples are be fine or close my store. A church is a public place so what makes you think that we will not be forced to do same sex marriage our close our doors? The way I see it is the state wants it both ways for the votes.

    June 21, 2015
    1. deaconjim

      Because there is this separation of church and state. The government can’t set church policy and beliefs.

      June 24, 2015