Take Back the House, Democrats. Please.

"The Democratic Party comp seems poised to recapture its Senate majority this year, but the House is a different matter. Many warn that the current 61-seat Republican majority, much of it achieved by post-2010 gerrymandering, has made flipping the lower chamber an unrealistic goal.

But that view betrays a misunderstanding of how partisan gerrymandering actually works. One aim of the practice has been to reconfigure electoral boundaries to transfer redundant votes from safe districts into swing districts. If one district usually votes 60 percent Republican and an adjacent one votes 48 percent Republican, for example, boundaries might be redrawn so that each would vote 54 percent Republican. In a typical election year, the formerly Democratic district would flip Republican. But since each new district would have only a 4 percentage point cushion, both seats would turn blue in a Democratic wave election."


The Republican gerrymandering might just backfire and bite them in the ass. They have some districts up for grabs, because they had such a slim margin of victory after redrawing them.


"It is difficult to overstate the threat that Mr. Trump poses for down-ballot candidates. Across party lines, high-ranking current and former government officials view him as lacking the temperament, character, judgment and experience required of a president. Polls suggest that this assessment is also widely shared by ordinary voters. Although vocal minorities have held similar views about presidential candidates in the past, the current situation is without precedent."


Wing nuts like to think Trump's shortcomings are not that big a deal, but they're wrong. Republican voters switching to Clinton or a third party candidate will likely do the same incumbent Republicans who have decided to endorse Trump. The House isn't safe for the Republicans. There's a very real chance they could lose it. We look forward to that happening.

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